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Summary of discounts – All discounts can be stacked with each other

  • Orders over 500E/500USD – 5% off
  • Orders over 1000E/1000USD – 10% off
  • Orders paid by bitcoin – 5% off
  • Customer Loyalty Program – 5% off if you have done 1-3 orders with us
  • Customer Loyalty Program – 10% off if you have done 3 orders with us
  • 50usd free credit for posting reviews or bloodwork

Customer Loyalty VIP PROGRAM – 5% to 10% off

ARLRUSSIA Felt it would be a great idea and gesture of our appreciation of to include a loyalty scheme for our loyal customer base.With out you guys there would be no ARL. So we felt it to be the proper thing to do by giving you guys a reason to return to us besides just the allure of our quality gear.

The Customer Loyalty VIP Program

First time buyers get 5% off

You get 5% off of your entire order of ARLRUSSIA products.This does not include shipping. Also most importantly as a first time buyer you will receive a voucher code to hold onto to present in your second order with us. You will want to have this voucher and get the second order behind you for this.

Clients who made more then 3 orders get 10% OFF FOR LIFE

After the second order and third order is in your are basically a VIP member for life giving you 10% off on everything. This voucher will grant you 10% off on every order you do with us permanently.You will be able to begin using your 10% Off VIP Voucher at your 3rd order and every order there after.

We also will have ways for you as a vip member to stack your 10% voucher with any current promos.And as you can imagine this drastically enhances the situation into your favor.

That gives you even more ways to experience huge discounts and savings with our products.



Anyone using Bitcoin to make their payment will receive 5% Off . This is stackable with the loyalty program. Now when you use bitcoin for three plus orders you will receive 15% Off!


BULK Discounts – 5 to 10 %

5% off for orders over 500USD

10% off for orders over 1000USD

Bulk prices for serious buyers available upon request.

When asking for bulk prices please specify the bulk prices you want to check .



Submit a brief review of your cycle or bloods on a forum or post some pics with your ARL order and get 50$ Free Store Credit to use anytime you want.

To qualify submit an email with the link of the post you have submitted on any forum with SUBJECT :- 50USD FREE CREDIT and then you will recieve instructions by email.