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PROMOS / Discounts

Please review our current promos to see what you qualify for as we will allways have available promotions to give our clients several different variations of incentives.

  • Orders over 500E/500USD – 5% off
  • Orders over 1000E/1000USD – 10% off
  • Orders paid by bitcoin – 5% off
  • Customer Loyalty Program – 5% off if you have done 1-3 orders with us
  • Customer Loyalty Program – 10% off if you have done 3 orders with us
  • 50usd free credit for posting reviews or bloodwork

Please visit our PROMOS and discount Page for more information.


Ordering is done by email. It is very important to use only this email address for sending orders and payments.

This is the only official ARL RUSSIA email address specifically created only for orders and payments. If this is not the email address you use to do business with us than it is not us you are doing business with. There is only One ARL RUSSIA contact email.

When making payments or orders please keep in mind that we eat,train and sometimes sleep. So do not be alarmed if you do not receive an instant message as we have already received your email. You will usually receive a reply in a 24 hour period.

We are partners with several other boards/forums on which we have a dedicated team member who monitors these at all times and can be contacted any time for instant help with orders, shipping, promotion or any other questions.


We are EU domestic and international. We ship world wide.

Shipping cost $25/20eur per order flat rate .Promos and discounts do not effect shipping cost.

Minium orders

150USD / 130 Euros


Forms of payment that we accept

Western-U,Money-G and bitcoin and in some cases bank transfers. All bitcoin payments carry a 5% discount.

Order Example

Here is a sample template with current promos of an order

Current promos are:

  • Our new vip program – 5% off for 1-3 orders done with us, 10% off for 3+ orders
  • Pay with bitcoin recieve 5% off

Remember promos always change so review relevant promos to order accordingly.

1st step – Sample order chose your products

You order Items/amount/total:

Test enanthate x4   $160
DBOLS 100tab   x2   $ 78
paying btc———-%5 0ff
vip.1st timebuyer—5% off
————–Total $214.20
Shipping           $ 25.00
Final total $239.00

2nd Step – state your prefered payment method
for this order we choose BTC

3rd Step – Provide your shipping info

Billy BOB
3345 Red RD
Miami Florida,

Review your order total and make sure your accurate with current promos with in your order email equation.

4th Step – Email this format of your order

Email order to :

Then you will be replied to with payment instructions.

Once you complete your payment you will then notify us of your completed payment and we will generally ask you for payment information. IN case of bitcoin the total bitcoin sent, in case of western union or moneygram, the sender, number and total. After this step order will be added to the system and processed for shipping.